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Immigration Litigation Appeals

A forum-knowledgeable lawyer with a proven track record of managing the legal issues involved in clients’ appeals.

The Best Immigration Litigation Lawyer In USA

Attorney Rodriguez-Martin knows that people want to move to the United States to build a better life for themselves and their families. But unfortunately, obstacles to fulfilling that dream are multiple and can include litigation proceedings.

For immigrants seeking legal action to appeal negative decisions from immigration judges or fighting denials or rejections of immigration benefits, professional legal counsel can help. 

I have the experience and know-how to represent clients’ appeals before the Board of Immigration Appeals and federal litigation before the U.S. District and U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeal. Attorney Rodriguez-Martin has a very successful record before the Board of Immigration Appeals and has succeeded in federal court litigation for various clients throughout the United States.

Each matter brought to the firm is carefully and quickly inspected by an immigration litigation and appeals lawyer at Rodriguez-Martin Immigration Law Offices to decide whether an appeal or federal suit is warranted.

Explore your options with the best immigration litigation and appeals lawyer.

Litigation Appeals

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The assistance of a trusted litigation appeals attorney is highly valuable when steering the litigation process. If you have just immigrated to the U.S. and are preparing to go to court, the immigration attorney at Rodriguez-Martin Immigration Law Offices can help.

Attorney Rodriguez-Martin has years of experience in U.S. immigration law. She has provided high-quality and reasonable litigation representation to multiple clients.

Individuals who have filed for immigration benefits and have not obtained any decision for unreasonably long periods may file a federal suit against USCIS, requesting a federal court judge to order the agency to finish the adjudication and make a decision on the long-delayed application or petition. Immigration litigation in federal court is evolving more and more common.


Federal courts have restricted jurisdiction, which means they are restricted in the immigration matters they can hear. However, it’s essential to note that litigation in federal court is drastically distinct from litigation in immigration courts, or proceedings before the U.S or appeals before the BIA. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

The immigration attorney at Rodriguez-Martin Immigration Law Offices is prepared to help clients with immigration-related federal court litigation proceedings at any stage.

Suppose a person is denied an immigration benefit. In that case, the applicant can file a motion to reopen or reconsider to the U.S. Citizenship Immigration Services and District Director, who denied their application.


Motions to reconsider depend only on legal grounds and need well-reasoned arguments to prove the denial was based on an inaccurate law application. Motions to reopen amay be filed based on new proof or changed situations. Therefore, they need documentary proof and statements of facts.

We can help individuals to decide whether to file a motion to reopen or reconsider. If so, we can help with specifying the suitable evidence and argument to present to the District Director.

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Meet The Expert

Attorney Rodriguez-Martin was born in Bogota, Colombia. Her paternal grandmother first made the journey to the United States in the 1960s from Colombia and lived in New York City as a single mother struggling to give her son and future grandchildren the opportunities that she never had. These are the same struggles and goals that she sees in the clients that we serve regardless of country of origin, language, gender, religion or background.

She is a graduate of Cardozo Law School. She has been active in the immigrant community since 2002 when she participated in Cardozo’s Immigration Law Clinic. She has worked and volunteered for several organizations helping the immigrant community including Hope’s Door, Immigration Equality, PFLAG of NYC, Bellevue Survivor’s of Torture Program, Kids in Need of Defense, and CEUS Centro Comunitario.


Member of AILA and the National Immigration Litigation Alliance



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